Simple Country Wisdom

Country Living has a lovely book called Simple Country Wisdom, 501 Old-Fashioned Ideas to Simplify Your Life, by Susan Waggoner.

I've been using this gem of a book for several years now and refer to it even more than Home Comforts. It has beautiful pictures, and easy to read pages with lots of headings so you can easily peruse it to find the details of what you "kinda remember reading."  You know, "didn't I read about something that deodorizes closets?"  Oh yes, go to All About Closets, and notice that you starred the last paragraph regarding how to refresh cedar wood blocks.  Now I remember!

The book has 4 sections:  The Home that Welcomes; Behind the Scenes; In the Kitchen; and Harmony.

The Home that Welcomes discusses what makes a welcoming home, clutter control, and what meets the eye (colors, textures, painting, decorating, senses), along with beautiful and inspiring pictures.  The pictures are one of my favorite parts of this book - I actually like most of them - they aren't pictures of mansion homes, but comfy "cottage-like" homes.

Behind the Scenes discusses the elements of clean (how to clean, windows, and trouble spots), and the tao of laundry (washing, drying, line-drying, and ironing).

In the Kitchen touches on organization, cleaning, caring for dishes and appliances, her favorite food tips run 20 pages, and "better living through baking" with lots of tips.

Harmony includes a chapter called In the Garden and one on A Greener Life. 

I am currently trying to go through this book chapter by chapter implementing what I am reading.  It isn't "too-much."  It's thoughtful, inspiring, and do-able.  I'm finding it very helpful and thought you might, too!

(I do not make money on any book I recommend.)