Living on One Income

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We had to cut 60% of our budget in order for me to stay home.

I had started a list of all I did in this post, but it was soooo long, that I eventually took the 240+ steps I took while living on one income and becoming debt-free, all while homeschooling our child, and expounded on them in my book How to Thrive on One Income

The blessings of living on one income are so worth the effort!

Know that you must be agreed that you being home is more important than a higher income.  If your husband is resentful you will encounter problems (or if you really want to work, then you will sabotage yourself at home).  You can have a trial time as well – he might not believe you can cut expenses.  But you can!  Joni McCoy of MiserlyMoms.com has a wonderful audio tape telling her story that is incredibly inspiring.

You must know WHY it is important for you to be home.  Finding Your Way Home, which I talk about in its own post (here), is an excellent resource.

The first step is always to determine how much your job actually costs you – taxes, childcare, clothing, gas, parking, mileage, lunches, dinners, office parties, “I deserve it” treats, medical costs for not being able to stay at home caring for your family, guilt gifts…

The rest of the steps can be found here.

There used to be a website called Lainesletters.  She had a post called Home Economics: Fifty Ways we Paid Off Our House on One Income.  Her DH never made more than $29k, and he had no vacation or sick time, so if you think it is impossible, here is yet another woman who made it work. We also did the things Laine talks about.  Yay for Lori Alexander!  She re-typed Laine's Letter here.

Plan to take care of your child, home, and husband, and watch him take care of you!  Happy wife, happy life!

(Look at these pictures - attitude matters, no matter what kind of house you are living in!)