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I love to do things in order – everything simply turns out better!  Our God is a God of order! 

He tells us that when we seek his Kingdom first, our other concerns will fall into order.  “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”  Matthew 6:33

Your home can be a place of order, but FIRST it needs to be a place of WORSHIP.  Silence, or reading in the sunlight and listening to the everyday sounds of a child playing, or a dishwasher humming, is relaxing and well-worth turning off the radio, computer and t.v. to attain.  Singing a cappella, or with a CD, is a way to bring worship into your home.  You don’t need to practice yoga and sit in silence, emptying your mind, to find serenity.

In fact, as Christians, we are called to FILL our minds with Scripture.  When we have questions for God, He often will answer us through memorized Scripture.  And if you haven’t memorized any – or rarely read your Bible – well, you might not hear as clearly as those who have.  He will often call Scripture to a person’s mind for advice on how to deal with a problem.

My new favorite version of the Bible is NLT - The Daily Walk Bible.  BUT!  You can ignore the dates on which to read the chapters!  This is just a guideline to read it in one year - 6 days a week with a catch-up and devotional day!  However, you do not have to complete the readings in one year.  JUST BEGIN TODAY.  The date you read it doesn’t matter – it just matters that you DO read it!

When I worked full-time I read my Bible in the car during lunch.  After my son’s birth, I tried mornings.  It did not work for me.   Around his first birthday, we began each day by reading him Bible stories (The Rhyming Bible , then The Young Learner’s Bible Story Book for preschoolers, and then, Devotions for the Children’s Hour by Kenneth Taylor.  Some like Catherine Vos' The Child's Story Bible but our favorite is the 10 volume set The Bible Story from “Uncle Arthur” Maxwell, along with his Bedtime Story books. 

While we often read from a variety of versions, my favorite for studying has been The International Inductive Study Bible because of the incredibly wide margins!  I love to write in my Bible.  I write the date I read verses or chapters.  I also write notes about what I’ve learned.  My notes have been very helpful in helping me connect material.  

Reading the Bible daily – for 5 minutes, or 15 minutes – or 1 chapter – or 4 chapters – helps us to live a conscious* life.  We don’t have to do it perfectly!  We just have to DO it.  Satan will want you to feel behind – that’s why you can ignore the dates – you are not behind!

Let God speak to you and fill your mind as you read.  Satan wants you to give up, forget, or fall asleep

YOU need to pray and charge through and read 5 minutes a day.  If you get stuck – do 3 minutes!  Once you start, you’ll see the benefits and keep going.  Begin today!  Find your time.  Don’t try and be perfect.   

Remember that the Amish purposefully put in a few imperfect stitches into every quilt they make to remind themselves that only ONE was perfect – and it isn’t them.  It isn’t us, either, so don’t try and read the Bible perfectly!  Just begin.  Today.  Print, get it ready.  Find your time.

*con·scious (from Dictionary.com)  adjective

1. aware of one's own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc.

2. fully aware of or sensitive to something
3. having the mental faculties fully active
4. known to oneself; felt
5. aware of what one is doing

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