Bills, Cleaning, Personal, Family & Bible Calendars

A. Sarnoff
FlyLady taught us to use our calendars, and I’ve had to take that a step further for my sanity.  I use FIVE calendars for five very different purposes.

#1 MY BILLS CALENDAR – A little planning NOW, and every year thereafter will be so easy!

Several years ago I began using a $1 8x10 calendar to track my bills.  What a lifesaver.  Now I can tell at a glance whether I’ve paid all the bills, without worrying. 

We used to get paid on the 1st & 15th – it was so easy!  The 1st check paid the rent/mortgage.  The 15th check paid everything else.  That is how I began shopping for groceries monthly.  Then several years ago it changed to every two weeks.  What chaos!  We had a little less each month, but we looked forward to the two “extra” paychecks.  Problem – if you spend your money on a 2-week basis, the “extra” paychecks just get absorbed!  We needed a PLAN.

#1 – I did a new budget.  I divided our expenses between the 2 paychecks:  Eg: Ck 1:  Tithe, mortgage, Freedom Account savings, credit cards, and recurrent bills that go on a credit card like office parking, Netflix, & World Vision,.   Ck 2: Tithe, electric, gas, phone, savings, gasoline, groceries, haircuts, pizza, spending money.  The last five are cash & go into their respective envelopes. Then I printed out my list, with budgeted amount, and pasted it into my calendar book, on the flap.

#2 – I went through my BILLS ONLY calendar and circled the paydates, and wrote a “1” or “2” for which paycheck pays what.  Because if we get paid on the 25th – well that money is needed on the 1st! Then, at some point, that paycheck sneaks up to the 16th!  Well, that’s right in the middle of the month – is it an “extra” paycheck?  You won’t know unless you map it out ahead of time!  It will just get absorbed.  This year, an “extra” check is coming Feb. 22 because we really need the money to pay our property taxes.  But we can’t go 6 weeks without refilling the grocery and gasoline envelope.  So, it is all set in the calendar to pay tithe, property taxes, gas, and food.  But wait!  That means the next check is on 3/7 – can the rent/mortgage wait until then?  In our case, it can.  Your “extra” check might be the 3/7, while you use 2/22’s check to pay your rent.  See why you need to plan it?

#3 – Are all of your bills listed in your Bills Calendar with their approximate due dates?  Even the credit cards you rarely use, like to a special store?  You’ll find it helpful. 

#4 – I write what I paid & the amount into my calendar when paid.  Helps me compare spending habits.  And assures me at 2:00 am that, yes, I did pay it, without having to log on to the computer or trying to find the miniscule line in my checkbook.

#5 – As bills and requests for charities come in, I simply place them in my calendar.

#6 – I use Bill Pay online, but first I balance all in my checkbook, and leave the date & ck number open and circled for me to fill in when I’ve finished online.

#7 – I place paid bills into an accordion file by MONTH, not by subject.  I rarely have to go back and look at paid bills, so I find this easiest.  I keep this accordion file by my desk in a really nice wooden box with a hinged lid that I bought at Target years ago.  It looks nice and is close by, so that papers don’t pile up.  On Dec. 31st I empty the contents into a large envelope, write the year, and stick in the storeroom. 

I used to be able to say, “I change our sheets on Wednesday.”  But then came along a sweet, little, bedwetter.  I never knew when those sheets got changed.  Sometimes it was daily.  Sometimes weekly.  If there were no accidents, then I’d forget!

Thus, my sanity was once again saved by a free, pocketbook sized calendar that I keep on my dresser.  I write when I change each bed (and towels also).   I also keep track of more personal things in this calendar, things I don’t want company in my kitchen to notice!

 #3 MY FAMILY CALENDAR    If you need help with this, go visit FlyLady.net.

Here is the link:  http://www.gracenotes.info   Look for the Daily Bible Reading 2012 PDF.  I wrote all about it in my “Life – In Order” post.  I’m really enjoying this & am reading Halley’s Bible Handbook along with my daily readings.   And the NLT's Daily Walk Bible.

Halley’s is wonderful!  Mine is 1960 & I love it.  Page 925 “Every Christian ought to be a Bible Reader.  It is the One Habit, which, if done in the right spirit, more than any other one habit, will make a Christian what he ought to be in every way.” and “It was the discovery of a Bible by Martin Luther, and its Release to the People, backed by Luther’s own matchless invincible soul, that Brought Forth the Protestant Reformation, and Proclaimed Liberty to the Modern World, - mightiest step forward in human progress ever known in history.  Those who read history know full well how directly we owe our Freedom and All That is Dear to us to the Bible.”

“Great has been the blessing from consecutive, diligent, daily study.  I look upon it as a lost day when I have not had a good time over the Word of God.” George Muller

Halley’s goes chapter by chapter through the Bible with interesting points.  Don’t be afraid of how many pages it has – the book is only 6” x 4” x 2”.  Easy for reading in bed. (Not sure about the 2007 version)

This is just one page and is in my homekeeping notebook.  But frankly, since I began my home beautification & decluttering plan room by room, I haven’t had to use this one.  So my cleaning calendar, now, is my 12-page notebook.  This might help someone who doesn’t need the notebook, though. 

Tax info together
Change heater filter
Clean brushes & combs
Wash all curtains
Wash rugs
Wash range hood; filters in dw
Clean oven
Weed out clothes – turn hangers
Clean under fridge
Turn mattress
Clean under beds
Change smoke alarm batteries
Dryclean coats
Move furniture to clean under and behind
Clean out garage
Change heater filter
Wash all windows, inside & out
Range hood & filters
Clean Oven & Microwave
Dust high places/ledges
Sanitize dish & clothes washers
& dryer
Wash walls of fingerprints & use Magic Eraser
Clean lightswitches
Change heater filter
Clean out medicine cabinet
Deep clean bath tiles & walls
Clean fans
Range hood & filters
Clean Oven & Microwave
Clean out kitchen cupboards
Under sink
Under fridge & shelves
Kitchen shelves
Turn mattress
Clean all light fixtures
Change heater filter
Dresser drawers
Range hood & filters
Clean Oven & Microwave
Clean windows – inside only
Christmas cards, Shopping
Decorating, Wrapping
Advent, Crafts, Cookies
Have fun


  1. Thanks, Kim! I'm glad you found it helpful. It sounds like more work to have so many calendars, but actually, it FREED me up, because items to do weren't always in the back of my mind.

    Were you specifically talking about a certain one? The bills calendar made the most impact for me.